A collection of the Glee fandom’s feelings about Season 6.

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crissmedarren submitted:

My fear at this moment is that either we aren’t going to get a reunion, probably because I still remember Ryan saying that he always wanted to go with the “original ending” which we know didn’t involve Blaine, however troubling that may be now that the ending won’t…

#can we talk about Kurt’s heart eyes

I'm as mad as everyone is, for sure. But things that raise my eyebrows is the fact that things like Dave and Blaine 'living together' and Britney and Santana being 'engaged' are both things that seem like they would take more time than what the actors involved are being given. Santana isn't even a full time character, are they just gonna say Britney and Santana got engaged and them write then off the show? Maybe I'm being too hopeful but it still does not add up to me.


Weren’t Brittana broken up in 5X20?  Brit came to the loft and said something about Santana leaving her at the airport and living in Kansas to run through wheat fields for the yeast commercials? 

But the biggest WTF is that we’re supposed to believe that in 4-6 mos,  Kurt goes from “Nothing and no one is gonna come between us” and “I choose to trust and love you through everything” to “Sorry, we’re too young, move out, we’re done” and Klaine breaks up,  Blaine flunks out or leaves NYADA ( a prestigious school he had to audition for), goes back to Dalton to teach (?), meets up with Kurt’s ex-bully at Scandals, decides to date him and give each other obnoxious pet names, then moves out of his parents house (do we get to meet his parents??) and in with Karofsky, hires Britney as his decorator?????  The one who creates book reports in crayon?  The one who made Kurt’s campaign posters in glitter and unicorns?

So Kurt wakes up from this acid dream in ep 4? 

TBH, I could see why Brad would say this is funny stuff because when I wrote it all out, it IS.  However, the fact that they only have 13 eps left and not 22 isn’t the time to mess around with silly dream scenarios. 

Food for thought though.

Im Happy About Britt & Santana But WTF?

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